Living with non- invasive bladder cancer

Mindset & recovery

Keep calm and …

“I can’t recommend meditation more with or without cancer.”

Being present

” When I don’t stay present and I start to feel afraid then the fear chatter starts.”


“The tiredness from chemo goes deep, into my bones and drains all the colour away from my face leaving me looking like I’ve put “day of the dead” make up on.”

Writing a happy list

„Research has shown that being happy might have a positive effect on our immune system“

Happy as a robin

“I could hear my heart singing with happiness like a robin.”

Stress busting

“I’d put stress quite high on the list of causes of my bladder cancer and its return..”

Bouncing back

“My energy had bounced back again and I felt so grateful.”

Expect the best….

” Posts on Bladder cancer forums often recommend an “expect the best but prepare for the worst” mindset. “

Forest bathing

The sight of the woodland brings solace in every season and the trees house a myriad of wildlife whose noises and antics help pass the time in hospital.


“Despite all the calming and renewing strategies, some days the cancer-demons get me without warning. “

Holiday happy

” At the end we all held hands and chanted Om – which translates as the sound of the universe – and indeed all felt right with the world.”

Fishing for happiness?

We don’t need to fish for happiness it’s inside us if we only remember.

Blue water calm

” Swimming lengths outdoors adds the glory of the trees and sky to the wonderful calm blueness of the water. “

Pineapple mode

“Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside….Healing is messy and isn’t how you imagine it to be. This is where the pineapple comes in.”

Out of sorts

“.. I’ve been feeling fearful and emotionally a bit out of sorts lately and have tried to identify why.”

In the pink?

“Bladder cancer isn’t just for a few months it’s for life and we need to find ways to thrive in and out of the pink!”

Farewell old year

“So, take a moment to honour your old year and you might be surprised about some heartfelt moments you’d like to keep too.”

Some day….remission

“I do definitely know how fragile my own stamp of remission is. I’m only as healthy as my last check-up, and my next check-up is literally around the corner on 22 September.”

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