Living with non- invasive bladder cancer

Support & resources

Pearls of wisdom…

“These wise resources …have helped me understand about making my body stronger and more inhospitable to cancer.”

Helping hands

“I’ve seen and had so many helping hands it gladdens my heart mightily.”


“Loving yourself means taking the warning signs your body sends seriously too.”

Chemo etiquette

“That ingrained fear of saying the wrong thing:”

Creature comfort

“Cats have a magical sense when to spread some love and Felix was an expert.”

Serendipitous September

” We even share the Piscean star sign which surprised neither of us. Supportive company certainly promotes healing and well-being”

Many faces of bladder cancer

“…many faces now not just the original male and over 70 years old demographic more and more women and younger people are suffering from it too.”

Hands and hearts

“Reaching out and sending love to them takes me away from my own issues and focusses on others. It spreads the love and light.”

World Cancer Day 2021

“Unfortunately, the trend is increasing in 2018 there were 18.1 million cases per year and in 2030 the World Health Organization predict that figure will rise to 29.4 million.”

Evil effects of BPA

“The amount of contaminated tea and water I was drinking must have significantly increased the evil effects BPA was having on my system and particularly my bladder. Could there be a correlation between these plastics and my recurrences???”

Invisible disability

“My disability is invisible, sometimes I get some quizzical looks when I enter a disabled loo with my key.”

Carers bring more than flowers…

“On his way back from the cathedral he brought me this graffiti flower, and that, the candle and the love brought extra luck.”

Newsflash – newsflash – newsflash -newsflash

“Talking with cancer” podcast with Katie Phillips this week the topic is ‘Bio Tech’ and immunotherapy (rather apt) and she’s kindly included my voice note and a lovely shout out about the blog. Have a listen to the whole cast (I’m up in the last few minutes). “

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