Living with non- invasive bladder cancer

Nutrition & hydration

Water works

“Drink more water – was mentioned by every doctor and website.”

The juice glow

„ Slowly my sickly pallor was replaced by a healthy glow“

Go bananas!

“It’s an Aladdin’s cave of amazing fruit and veggies, I literally take a shopping basket and go bananas.”

Plant-based and happy

” It’s about two years since I’ve been completely plant-based and I’ve never felt happier in my own skin.”

Spice up your anti-cancer diet

“use every opportunity to spice up your anti- cancer diet by adding herbs and spices where you can and you‘ll be adding extra protection as well as flavour.”

Resolutions and intentions

” For the last few years we’ve set the intention of doing #dryjanuary and we’ve done it.”

Small changes add up

“We don’t see the flower growing from a seed day to day but one day it’s unfurling a leaf and another the stem is taller and finally the flower is there as if it’s always been there. “

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