“Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside” Pineapple by Firmtype in Cologne Braunsfeld photo by howlzap Cologne

I’ve been putting myself into pineapple mode this past week. Prompted by a friendly sign hanging in the kitchen that reads:

“Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.”

It appealed to me intuitively when I bought it, now I’m finding out why it spoke to me back then.

As a cancer patient I’m discovering that setbacks are rather more common than I anticipated at the beginning of his journey four and a half years ago. I’m really beginning to experience what I’ve said and thought for a while that “healing isn’t linear”. Healing is messy and isn’t how you imagine it to be. This is where the pineapple comes in.

Standing tall despite setbacks takes courage and a little will power. I am tall but that doesn’t mean I always stand tall. Standing tall as a patient means speaking your truth regardless of perceived reactions. So, ask for a second opinion, request a thorough explanation or remind the hospital team you have special circumstances. Whatever it is don’t settle for less. Stand tall and work towards your health goals.

Wear a crown to help you stand tall and straight and remind yourself you are worthy of being healthy and happy and that a cancer diagnosis isn’t necessarily a death sentence. Perhaps the future will be different to what you imagined but it can still be full of wonder and opportunity.

Be sweet on the inside how many of us have kind thoughts for others but stern and critical thoughts for ourselves. Our bodies react to what we think as much as what we say. Be kind and loving inwards as well as outwards.

Lastly, a pineapple has spikey skin for a reason. Nurture that spikey skin to offload any comments, reactions and thoughts that don’t serve you on your healing journey. Good luck!