"My energy had bounced back again and I felt so grateful."
” My energy had bounced back again and I felt so grateful. “
Ball at the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

After the second recurrence and two operations, I just wasn’t getting my strength back at all. I was constantly tired and listless and felt like my immune system was shot to pieces. I carried on juicing and eating plenty of vegetables, slept 8-12 hours a night, meditated, did yoga daily, walked regularly but still felt exhausted. Monthly chemo had started again but even at the end of the month I still felt rubbish.

I saw my doctor and an integrative doctor, we did blood tests. I took vitamin D and probiotics. I still felt low. The integrative doctor suggested ‚thymus therapy ‘ to strengthen my immune system and apparently the health insurance would cover it. I couldn’t find much about it online and was daunted by the idea of injections twice a week an hours drive away. Ultimately the health insurance wouldn’t cover it so I decided not to do it, I wasn’t convinced enough.

My doctor mentioned IV vitamin C as being something that might help my situation. Extremely high dose vitamin C is administered intravenously twice a week for either 3 or four weeks. I had to pay for it but it was relatively inexpensive at about €30 a shot. I’d researched a bit and it is recommended for cancer patients and after surgery.

I felt significantly better after just the first session, it was like liquid sunshine spreading energy and well-being. After six sessions I was fit to work again and I’d absolutely recommend the treatment to anybody feeling depleted after chemo and or surgery, worth every cent. I felt that excited leap of energy in the morning and pretty bouncy during the day.  It was a relief to feel like myself again and not a washed-out version of me. My energy had bounced back again and I felt so grateful.