Living with non- invasive bladder cancer

Yoga for bladder cancer

Yoga magic

“The stretches felt like magic-unicorn-fairy-dust coursing through my veins.”

Yoga practice

“Yoga practice is a daily bit of heaven that I’m very grateful for. Namaste 🙏 “

Bladder balance

” Some days bladder balance is easier to hold than others.”


” Yoga teaches me to be present.”


“It’s funny but cancer makes you sick and tired but it also makes you know your own strength and your own mind.”

Anyone can….

“…short yoga flows that anyone can do either standing or sitting.”

Recovery yoga 1 – cow / cat

“…I showed them ‘cow / cat’ (Bitilasana / Marjaryasana) carried out sitting up in bed or on a chair… “

Love, peace and unity

“Thank you for reading and I wish you a unified, peaceful and loving end to 2020!”

Farewell old year

“So, take a moment to honour your old year and you might be surprised about some heartfelt moments you’d like to keep too.”

Recovery yoga 3 – butterfly

“Apparently, we store stress and past pain and trauma in the big muscles in the thighs and hips and poses to open and stretch them can release this stress. I imagine stress flying away from my hips on butterfly wings.”

Headstand perspectives

“At first, I was very apprehensive about doing headstands but learned from my teachers how to practise safely and began to enjoy them and the alternative perspective they bring.”

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