“Yoga practice is a daily bit of heaven that I’m very grateful for. Namaste 🙏 “
“Namaste” in Berlin Kreuzberg photo by Howlzap Cologne

Yoga makes such a difference to my mind, body and overall health. My first taste of it since being diagnosed with bladder cancer, opened my senses to the magic- unicorn- fairy-dust of stretching, contracting and relaxing various body parts in turn. All the operations, catheters, and chemo instillations irritate and stress the bladder and weaken the pelvic floor, with yoga those muscles around my bladder started to heal and strengthen again.

I felt so good after that first class I yearned to have that feeling often not just once a week. So, I roll out my yoga mat daily even if it is only for fifteen or twenty minutes, I always feel better afterwards.

At the beginning I was embarrassed by my ineptitude I wanted to be good, to look pretty and move gracefully. In the meantime, I know it’s how it feels on the inside that matters most. I was shy of practicing in front of my partner or anybody – I don’t mind now – he makes jokes about me being a “Yoga bunny “and carries on as usual. On sunny days I’ve done yoga in the garden and that’s truly amazing. Saluting the sun in the sun and doing a tree pose under a tree soothes the soul as well as the body.

The poses or asanas mirror life in many ways – there are always things that are straight forward, others that need dedication to master and others that remain elusive. But it’s all ok. We can approach yoga as we approach life and know that our own path is unique and encountering difficulties is a part of it.

Working through the twelve asanas of the sun salutation builds strength in the core and activates the parasympathetic nervous system to better deal with daily stress.

Yoga practice is a daily bit of heaven that I’m very grateful for. Namaste!