“Thank you for reading and I wish you a unified, peaceful and loving end to 2020!” “Love, Peace and Unity” collage from Elephant mural in Berlin Kreuzberg. Photos by howzap Cologne

Feeling so much love today.

I had my seventeenth cystoscopy this morning, it was all clear – no evidence of disease!

I’m sending love to that bladder of mine. It’s been through an operation and 7 intensive EMDA treatments in the last 6 months. I admired its toughness and resilience as I anxiously peered at it on the cystoscopy screen. It’s scarred and battered looking and has taken on a tinge of purple from the Mitomycin baths it’s been having.

Experiencing love for my patient urologist supporting me through the ups and downs of this unpredictable and scary bladder cancer journey.

Loving my family and friends of cheerleaders surfing the unrelenting waves of cancer related news by my side and virtually.

Noticing peace today almost at the end of a frightening and surreal year that has thrown us all into masks, lock downs and uncertainty.

Welcoming peace as my list of appointments stops and some empty days stretch ahead.

Finding peace in the fact that I’ve done all I can to stay healthy this year and its paid off.

Discovering peace as I look inward and see that there’s calm in the here and now.

Seeing unity as we all don masks and distance ourselves to stay well. Working towards unity of body, mind and spirit step by step and asana by asana as I study and practice yoga. I passed the 200 hours yoga teacher exam a couple of weeks ago and I wonder if I’d have found this path without the horrors of bladder cancer. It hasn’t been a cure, but it’s certainly helped me be more in tune to what my body needs, what my mind does and what my sprit really is.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a unified, peaceful and loving end to 2020!