„ Slowly my sickly pallor was replaced by a healthy glow“
Juice glow in Cologne – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

Home from hospital in May 2016, I was inspired to get more vegetables into my system. Many years previously I’d worked in a vegetarian takeaway in Sydney Australia, we’d had a best-selling and delicious juice on the menu that I’d loved to drink. It was a wonderful employee perk; carrot, celery, apple and fresh ginger juice. Remembering this, I dusted off the juicer we had in the cellar and started juicing the Australian recipe daily. Gradually I added more greens like cucumber, spinach or kale and fresh turmeric. 3 vegetables to 1 fruit was a good ratio.

Now as well as eating more fruit and vegetables I started drinking them too. Juiced vegetables and fruits are super easy for the system to digest as the roughage is taken out. Obviously, roughage is necessary too and not a bad thing, but it’s not possible to physically eat as many veggies as you can consume by juicing. Fresh juice also hydrates and alkalizes the body helping to reduce inflammation. All the goodness can be absorbed straight into the blood system. I can imagine my system thanking me and feel it greedily taking in the nourishment that makes cells glow with vibrant health.

Since then I’ve probably had fresh juice almost daily and have expanded my juice repertoire significantly. Slowly my sickly pallor was replaced by a healthier glow.

Kris Carr‘s book „Crazy Sexy Juice“  https://kriscarr.com/shop/ was something I thought I didn’t need until I opened a copy and realized I was in a bit of a juicing rut. It’s full of gorgeous juice and smoothie recipes and is excellent both for experienced juicers and first timers.

Juicing definitely had an impact on my health- apart from the science behind it I could feel the difference and happily I even looked less sick. Try it there’s nothing to lose!