” Cats have a magical sense when to spread some love and Felix was an expert.”
Winged cat in Cologne – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

Last month was the one-year anniversary of losing our furry friend Felix. He was sick and it was his time but we were devastated. We’d had him fifteen years from being just a hand sized ball of jet-black fluff. It’s tough losing a pet – they are an integral part of homelife. When you’re sick they are an extra much needed support. Cats have a magical sense when to spread some love and Felix was an expert. He was a constant companion on chemo days and during recovery. He greeted with a squeak and would chat if you squeaked in reply. He purred like an engine and never had enough love. The saying „a home without a cat is just a house“  became a reality after Felix passed.

At the end of that first month I had my second recurrence and I was knocked for six. It was a low point and we felt the loss more than ever. During the hospitalizations and the recovery we decided we had a house that had a cat-shaped-space in it and there were cats needing new homes.

It took a while but I came across a cat described as a „solitary-princess “on a cat rescue site. Kiki is dark grey and very pretty.  We visited her at her foster family and fell in love with her curiosity and playfulness she acted like a kitten although she was estimated to be about two and a half.

We became Kiki‘s new family. It was perfect timing she moved in between operations when we both had to stay inside and get used to things. All cats have different personalities and Kiki is nothing like Felix but she brings comfort and love in her own unique way and the house is a home again. If you have a pet you’ll know what I mean.