” It’s about two years since I’ve been completely plant-based and I’ve never felt happier in my own skin.”
Sunflower in Cologne Ehrenfeld – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

Listening to a Deliciously Ella podcast today “Plant power; eat yourself healthy” reminded me that it’s about two years since I’ve been completely plant based and I’ve never felt happier in my own skin. Having cancer encouraged me to go more and more plant based for my health. I’ve not eaten meat for over forty years, but I often ate quite a cheese laden diet especially for convenience. Happily, I don’t miss dairy as I thought I would and it’s not as inconvenient as I’d feared either. 

My partner has warmed to the vegan idea that he was rather reluctant about initially. He likes it when we eat the same meals at least sometimes and as he’s more or less a carnivore who tolerates some vegetables, we have had to rethink some favorite recipes.

Pasta and green veggies with vegan pesto works – he has it with Parmesan and I have it with some pine nuts or sunflower seeds and lots of salad.

Indian curry works – I make him a separate fish or chicken one and we share the mixed vegetable one.

Vegan and sugar free is hard for anyone to do spontaneously, so I warn anyone who has to cater for me and bring my own food as much as possible. But even if you don’t go the full- monty-vegan there’s so much benefit in eating substantially more vegetables and fruit. More antioxidants and phytonutrients boost everyone’s immune system and ability to fight or reverse disease. Don’t think about just five a day think ten a day and as varied and colourful as possible.

Today’s Deliciously Ella podcast is an interview with plant-based doctor Dr Gemma Newman and it is full of health facts and inspiring stories, the Deliciously Ella series of cookbooks and app are a wealth of information and recipes. It’s easy to add more plant based meals to your week.


Podcast Plant power; eat yourself healthy https://play.acast.com/s/deliciouslyellapodcast/afac0e09-a28f-45e6-9dff-da03a61648f4

Dr Gemma Newman https://gemmanewman.com/ 

Deliciously Ella https://deliciouslyella.com/