“I’ve seen and had so many helping hands it gladdens my heart mightily.”
Purple hands in Berlin – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

I know it’s corny, but cancer does show you what to be grateful for. Being sick I’ve seen and had so many helping hands it gladdens my heart mightily.

For starters my cancer was caught early and treated swiftly. The medical teams at the Urologist, hospital and local GP have been wonderful. I know many coping with this disease aren’t as fortunate.

My partner, rock and taker of the photos for the blog was lucky enough to retire early and supports me literally every step of the way. All that waiting, worrying and fidgeting I can do as a team and not on my own. My beautiful baby girl, who isn’t a baby any more but studying for her master’s degree in Cologne, is close both in terms of kilometres and our relationship. She’s there with hugs, chats and flowers to share the worry and celebrate the “all clears”.

Although my parents live in Britain we talk almost daily and visit often. I think as parents their worry probably even tops mine but despite the distance, they’ve been at my side in spirit sending love and power and trying not to take the setbacks too hard. My brother lives remotely too but isn’t as remote as the kilometres and we Facetime regularly.

I set up a what’s app group of “Cheerleaders” mainly to update the inner circle of friends all at once, it’s turned out to be a lifeline. Cheery comments, love and silly videos cheer long hospital days and even the bleakest chemo ones.

Finally, there’s support that comes unexpectedly from neighbours, colleagues and friends I don’t know so well. All this support; messages, flowers and cards really do make a difference. So, if you know anyone who’s going through a longer sickness, send them a message that you’re thinking of them, it definitely makes a difference!