“These wise resources …have helped me understand about making my body stronger and more inhospitable to cancer.”
“Elephant playing with a balloon” by Jadore in Berlin Kreuzberg – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

I was in denial at the beginning, I thought an operation would remove the tumour and so “fix” me. I researched bladder cancer for information and knew this type, non-muscle invasive tends to come back, but I hoped mine wouldn’t.

It was after my third operation 4 months later when more tumours were found, that I realised it was time to take more action to get better.

Bladder cancer is the sixth most common cancer in men and the seventeenth most common in women, yet there’s comparatively little specific information about it.

There’s a UK organisation Fight Bladder Cancer https://fightbladdercancer.co.uk that has brilliant fact sheets, patient stories, an e-magazine and a confidential forum to post questions.

There’s an American organisation Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) www.bcan.org which is a wealth of information about the disease and treatments, patient stories, webinars and a forum.

I joined a local face to face group here in Cologne Germany and go along to meetings and read their magazine.

I did lots of reading offline:

Anticancer: A New Way of Life by Dr David Servan-Schreiber is an Aladdin’s cave of dietary and lifestyle tips and tricks for cancer prevention (good for non-patients too) by a doctor and cancer patient.

Kris Carr – of “Crazy, Sexy Cancer” fame https://kriscarr.com is a cancer thriver (liver cancer), author and blogger and has a lots of information on and off-line.

Chris Wark’s site http://chrisbeatcancer.com is a mine of information and patient interviews Chris has survived colon cancer.

Dr Kelly A. Turner’s book “Radical Remission” and website  https://radicalremission.com is collected data from thousands of cancer patients in remission she’s identified the nine things they all have in common.

I’m not cured yet but am confident I’m on the way and these wise resources are some that have helped me understand about making my body stronger and more inhospitable to cancer.