Martini lady – in Oostende Belgium. Photo by howlzap Cologne “the nurse who took my sample had never seen anything as red. It actually looked like a glass of red Martini.”

It’s confusing; on the one hand I’m over two years tumour free, and on the other hand I’ve had several weeks of intermittent blood in my pee.

Blood can precede a bladder cancer diagnosis, it’s how I was first diagnosed. It can also be a bladder infection, although if it is pain free it is probably NOT an infection. It can also be kidney issues or bladder stones.

Whatever the details and even if it was only once if you do notice blood after passing water contact a doctor and get checked. Sooner better than later. It won’t go away on its own.

So for anyone who’s been diagnosed it’s very alarming to see blood. I went to my GP as soon as I could to rule out an infection. It wasn’t an infection, and the nurse who took my sample had never seen anything as red. It actually looked like a glass of red Martini. I was due for a cystoscopy in 10 days and managed to bring the appointment forward.

Worrying to say the least!

Scanxiety and a half.

My husband meanwhile had just had a stem cell transplant for a rare blood disease and was still in hospital (and that truly is another story). Another tumour was truly the last thing we needed. Thankfully my daughter could come with me to the check-up.

Despite there still being blood there was no tumour, poppy-red-patches but

no evidence of disease in the bladder.

However bladder cancer is sneaky and can appear in other parts of the urinary tract.

I had an ultrasound, blood test and booked a CT scan.

The CT scan also showed no evidence of disease.

Massive relief!

So, I’ve been cancer free since June 2020 but I still have blood in my pee. My urologist is confused too and hasn’t seen this before we decided to have another cystoscopy in September. Personally, I suspect the poppy-red-patches are bleeding sometimes. Inflammation from the EMDA therapy?