“I literally floated home and things have been going swimmingly ever since.” Mermaid in Malaga Spain, photo by howlzap Cologne

I was dreading my 50ith dose of Mitomycin that had been scheduled for November 18, 2020. I never look forward to it but there was something awfully unsettling about this one. When I got to my pre-op things didn’t go as planned – the doctor on duty asked why I was having the treatment so soon. I was flummoxed, I’d understood monthly but I wasn’t entirely sure where I’d got that information from. The doctors had been unusually vague and there had been nothing concrete on my report after the initial 6 weeks. After consulting with the chief, the doctor confirmed that there should be a 3-month gap between the 6 weekly sessions and the maintenance schedule.

He didn’t have to tell me twice! After postponing the appointment, I couldn’t wait to escape. He apologized a little saying they weren’t used to this EMDA treatment and in fact I was the first having it like this. In the excitement I completely forgot to ask what the schedule would be from end of January. I’ve since read, monthly for 6 -9 months depending.

The news of two whole months without chemo is an early Christmas present! I’ve been having it monthly now since June 2016 the only breaks being with recurrence and stays in hospital. I literally floated home and things have been going swimmingly ever since. What a difference:

  • Chemo brain – is fading. I found it easier to remember the yoga theory for my yoga exams.
  • Physical strength – has remained rather than waning and returning after chemo. I feel this the most doing yoga.
  • Bladder resilience – is up a bit. I think I’m not peeing quite as often especially at night.
  • Emotionally – I’m feeling more well than sick. Not having to spend the night in hospital is wonderful.

Feeling well is something I took for granted before my diagnosis. It is something we should treasure and appreciate.

Be well everyone!