“Bladder cancer makes me a humble warrior indeed working towards remission.” Warrior woman in Berlin near Urban Art Museum by Tank Petrol photo by howlzap Cologne

The latest turbt was on 6 July, removing the small tumour. The hospital lab normally produces results before I’m discharged. However, due to all the Corona testing the lab is swamped, and results didn’t appear till the following Saturday. Waiting for results made me realize how lucky I’ve been until now.

Through the wait I did yoga building my strength up again and preparing for the next yoga lesson I’m giving as part of my yoga teacher training on 30 July. My practice is organic either using the GottaJoga app doing something freestyle or practicing for the upcoming lesson. I love the warrior asanas they always give me a feeling of proud grounded strength but lately I’ve returned again and again to humble warrior Baddha Virabradrasana.

  • Stand with legs in classic warrior 1 stance front leg bent, knee over ankle and back leg straight. Back foot at 45 degrees, hips facing forwards.
  • Clasp hands behind back and extend arms down looking up and bending back slightly.
  • Exhale and lean forwards over front thigh. Extend arms upwards and overhead.
  • Keep legs strong, shoulder rests on knee and head on calf or the ground.
  • Breathe.
  • Repeat on the other side.

This pose strengthens the thighs, opens the chest and shoulders and it fosters acceptance. Acceptance is what I needed waiting for results and need now accepting this fifth recurrence.

Thankfully, the tumour was again low grade TaG1 with no nasty surprises.

I’ve been recommended electromotive drug administration (EMDA) therapy with Mitomycin C. Apparently with this relatively new therapy the chemo and an electrode are inserted into the bladder and two electrodes are placed on the stomach. During the 30 mins of treatment electro impulses are sent into the bladder and the chemo goes deeper into the bladder wall. My pre-op is on Thursday and first session on 6 August. Bladder cancer makes me a humble warrior indeed working towards remission.