"It's a souce of shame for many, but pee is actually one of the baromters of health"
” Incontinence is another topic shrouded in shame and not talked about.”
Hands covering face in Cologne Ehrenfeld – photo by (c) howlzap Cologne

Bladder cancer starts, middles and ends with peeing problems. It’s a source of shame for many, but our pee is actually one of the barometers of health. Symptoms of having bladder cancer may include more frequent and urgent trips to the loo, this happened to me, but I didn’t realize it meant something was wrong until I saw the blood. We should all check that the colour of our pee is straw coloured or lighter. If it’s dark yellow to orange it’s probably a sign you need to drink more and if it’s dark brown or red a sign to get checked by a doctor, quickly.

Middle problems of this journey have been that cystoscopies, chemo instillations and surgeries all take their toll on the bladder. After a procedure my bladder is super sensitive, and I need to stay very near a loo. I may need to go every 45 minutes or so and if it’s cold more often. This is partly because symptoms after procedures are eased by drinking more but also due to cystitis like irritation. After the first batch of surgeries it was more difficult to control urination and I had some instances of urge incontinence. This is when urine leaks due to a sudden and extremely urgent need to pee. Incontinence is another topic shrouded in shame and not talked about. It’s not only due to pelvic surgery it can also be caused by childbirth, pregnancy, age, the menopause and prostate problems. Again, if you suffer from it take action and inform your doctor. One of the fabulous side effects of daily yoga apart from an increased feeling of wellbeing is a stronger pelvic floor. I noticed this almost immediately. Downward facing dog, plank, warrior one and two and even happy baby all work wonders. My incontinence issues have since disappeared I’m happy to report.