“I’m always happy to locate a good public loo and if it’s pretty too that’s an extra bonus.”
Mural by Lalane 2014 seen in Malaga Spain – photo by howlzap Cologne

This mermaid is on a wall on the beach in Malaga: a beautiful and bold way to adorn a public loo. This one was an oasis when I discovered it, I’d become rather desperate to find somewhere to pee. The loo I’d used earlier had literally just closed for the evening. I quizzed the attendant in sign language conveying my distress about this and understood the friendly gesture indicating a short walk further along.  I’m always happy to locate a good public loo and if it’s pretty too that’s an extra bonus. The next day we set up beach camp a short way away from the marine scene and I wondered why all public conveniences weren’t as clean, free, unisex and beautiful.

However, that familiar feeling of needing the loo and not being able to find one is less beautiful. Particularly familiar for bladder cancer sufferers, it’s something I find myself both living and dreaming about.

It’s a recurring dream that essentially involves the stress of trying to find a suitable place to go in unfamiliar surroundings, I do find somewhere although it’s not always as private as I’d like. I wondered if the physical precedes the dream or if the dream nudges the physical state as I usually awake and need the bathroom for real. I wondered about other meanings deeper than the purely physical and found a couple of sites online.

Dreaming of needing to pee can mean that you are under pressure or your emotions aren’t flowing freely.

Not finding a suitable place to pee can indicate a lack of self-confidence.

Peeing in a toilet – mermaids not mentioned – means communication with others is very good and health problems will disappear soon. Great news!

But best of all peeing in public in a dream is a sign of luck in love. Is that a real case of mind, body and spirit connection?